About Me

I’m a PhD student in Physics at the University of Trento (Statistical and Biological Physics group) with a strong passion for computer science. This passion led me to choose a computational path both for my curricular and extracurricular classes during my bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and to work on personal projects in my free time. I’m also one of the founding members of Progetto Apollo, a scientific divulgation group operating at the University of Trento in collaboration with Arditodesìo. Since 2019 I’ve been a tutor for the University of Trento. My hobbies include video games and parkour.

Curriculum Vitae

Complete Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

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Work Experience

Classroom Tutor

In the in-class courses, my task as a tutor was to prepare ad-hoc exercises beforehand and then follow the students in their reasoning by providing hints and guidance toward the solution. In the laboratory courses, our job was to explain the lab experiences to the students and assist them in the data collection and analysis ensuring that they understood the underlying reasoning and scientific approach.

Institution: University of Trento (Italy)

I was assigned to the following courses:

  • Sep 2022-Dec 2022: Introductory Physics Laboratory (DII), Mathematical Basis for Cognitive Sciences (CIMEC), Mathematics and Statistics I (CIBIO);
  • Mar 2022-June 2022: Laboratory of Physics I with Matlab (DF), Introductory Physics Laboratory (DICAM);
  • Sep 2021-Dec 2021: Introductory Physics Laboratory (DII);
  • Sep 2020-Dec 2020: Mathematics and Statistics (A3C);
  • Sep 2019-Jan 2020: Calculus I (DICAM), Calculus I (DIPSCO), Quantitative Methods for life-sciences (DIPSCO).

The underlined courses represent the courses for which I was the only tutor. In all other courses, I was part of a team of 2 to 4 tutors.

Storyteller / Science Communicator

I’m one of the founding members of Progetto Apollo, a scientific divulgation group operating at the University of Trento in collaboration with Arditodesìo. Some of our activities include research on a key topic or an interview with a Professor at the University of Trento to write narratives with the principles of storytelling.

Institution: Arditodesìo / University of Trento (Italy)
Date: 2017-2022

The plays were then performed in the course of various editions of Teatro della Meraviglia, EIT RAW Materials 2021, CO.SCIENZA Festival 2019, Focus Days 2019 and Fisicittà 2017. In 2022 we partnered with Caltech for the event “La Terra fatta dagli umani” (Earth made by humans) about the beginning of the Anthropocene. The resulting performances were presented both in Trento and at Caltech.

Education and Training

PhD in Physics

Scholarship: Combining physics, biology and machine learning to understand genome organization in cancer cells
Group: Statistical and Biological Physics Group
Supervisor: prof. L. Tubiana

Master’s Degree in Physics

Path: Statistical Biophysics with a focus on computational methods
Final Grade: 110/110

Thesis: Computational Models Of Astrocyte-Neuron Dynamics To Explain The Formation Of Working Memory
Supervisor: prof. L. Tubiana

The thesis aimed to explore the characteristics of various effective models for neurons with the purpose of finding an effective representation compatible with a description of memory formation via the coupling between neurons and astrocytes. All the models were implemented in Python from scratch.

Institution: University of Trento (Italy) Date: 09/2020-03/2023 Relevant Courses:

  • Quantum Computing and Quantum Machine Learning;
  • Advanced Computational Physics;
  • Experimental Methods;
  • Laboratory of Advanced Electronics (signal processing via FPGA);
  • Multi-Scale Methods in Soft Matter Physics;
  • Statistical Mechanics and Statistical Field Theory.


Institution: University of Trento (Italy) in partnership with Laboratorio Nazionale di Cybersecurity (CINI) Date: 02/2021-06/2021

CyberChallenge.IT is a course designed to provide the methodological and practical basis to analyze vulnerabilities and possible attacks and identify the most suitable solutions to prevent them.

Bachelor’s Degree in Physics

Thesis: Emergent features: from renormalization group to artificial intelligence
Supervisor: prof. R. Potestio

The thesis focussed on a possible explanation behind the efficiency of machine learning models. In particular, the link between Restricted Boltzmann Machines applied to the Ising Model and a renormalization procedure was examined.

After graduating, I enrolled in the course “Introduction to Data Science for Physicists” as a listener (March-June 2020).

Institution: University of Trento (Italy) Date: 09/2020-03/2023 Final Grade: 94/110 Relevant Courses:

  • Scientific Computing (fka Computer Science)
  • Introduction to Machine Learning (fka Advanced Algorithms);
  • Linear Algebra I, Analysis I, II, III, and Complex Analysis;
  • Physics I, II, and III, Analytical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics;
  • Physics Laboratory I (measures), II (analogue electronics and optics), and III (digital electronics);
  • Chemistry with Laboratory Sessions.

Innocationcamp Diploma

Institution: University of Trento (Italy) in partnership with Samsung Date: 02/2020-04/2023

The first month was devoted to a 25h online course about the main topics of Industrial Innovation and a two-day intensive training course I was allowed to attend upon ranking among the best in the online test. The following months were used to develop a project work on a real business case.